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I tried to upgrade this site today, and it really did not work. So I've at least managed to get the database restored, but the look is fritzed. No worries, I'll get it together soon... I hope. ::headdesk::

Knitting, Babies And Things.

So Boyfriend (a recent addition to my life) has decided I ought to update this blog more often. The big difference between me now and me when I started this blog and updated just about every day is, I was unemployed back then. And as much as I'd love to be unemployed now, I suppose it's a much better thing that I have health insurance now. I mean, even Boyfriend agrees it's a good idea for me to be on the Pill.

Fat Bag 2.0 - Cotton.

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm ready for spring! The snow drops have started to peek out in my yard, and crocuses and daffodils are not far behind. (This doesn't mean the snow is done; I'm currently two hours north of home, and there were snow flurries here yesterday, and an "ice day" for many nearby school systems.)

My favorite part of spring (and summer) is the clothes: short sleeves and tanks, light sweaters and sweatshirts, the return of skirts of all lengths, and most important... flip-flops and espadrilles. I love me some open-toed shoes! Along with all of that comes the need for a new bag to get me through the spring and summer months. Obviously grey wool, as attractive as it is, isn't going to cut it. And since I love the previous fat bag I made, I figured I might as well make another one, with a few changes.

First and foremost, it's made of cotton, a totally excellent spring material. Even better, it's leftover balls from other projects — pink and cream Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, variegated and purple Lily Sugar 'n Cream, and green Lion Brand Recycled Cotton. The body is pink and variegated, the straps are cream, and the flower is green and purple. Here's a shot of the body before I added the straps:

Finally A Moment To Blog!

It's been one of those winters... I've had a lot of discontent, for starters. Or at least a lot of snow! Actually, things are pretty good. I have a new nephew on his way in the next 2 weeks or so, I have a full-time job and plenty of occasional work doing other things, and I have plenty of time (now that the snow is finally completely out of my parking space) to get massive amounts of crochet and knitting done. I've been sticking to Lion Brand patterns for my latest three projects, although I am modifying the crap out of one of them.

First, in my ongoing attempt to learn to knit better, I decided to invest in the gorgeous Amazing yarn in Mauna Loa. It has hot pink and hot orange, and that's enough to get me to buy it!

Because I Can: Alien Baby Layette.

I probably shouldn't even try to figure out where I got this idea from. As usual, I've been spending a lot of time both making baby gifts and reading Star Trek stories, so that's probably the seed of it. Anyway, as a little challenge to myself, I've decided to make an Alien Baby Layette.

This is what I have so far of the 3-armed sweater:

Surprisingly Productive.

I've been pretty busy lately (I guess it's been a while since I blogged!) what with being in retail and it being The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. My store hasn't been doing well in sales, until last night anyway. Finally we've had a day in which we made our goal, and now I'm feeling a bit more positive.

I also got to do a good deed (and make a couple bucks) yesterday when I assisted some friends' daughter in learning to knit. Granted, I'm not the world's best knitter, but I have the basics down and that's really all she needed to learn.

Also yesterday, I made a Totally Awesome Super-Easy Hat, which is going to be the name of the pattern when I post it. Okay, it's not much of a pattern, but it really is Totally Awesome. Everyone loves it, except that one girl at work who fears anything fun and different. Pooh on her. As you can see, I am totally impressed by my own designing awesomeness.

Totally Awesome Super-Easy Hat

FO: Circle Jacket Sweater Thing!

It's funny how I can be so gung-ho and get so much done in one sitting, or one weekend, or one week... and then as I near the end of a project, other things get more interesting or pressing, I get bored, and all of a sudden I have one sleeve's worth of trim, a mere foot or so circumference, to crochet... and it takes a week to do it.

I finally sat down last night and finished that one sleeve of trim, and now I have a lovely green circle jacket (sweater? I still can't decide) that will not be appropriate to wear out and about until spring anyway. Oh well.

WIPs v. UFOs.

My brain loves to categorize. It's what makes me so successful as a stock manager, and also helps me be awesome at reactive merchandising (which is to say, when we sell out of something, I can fill the empty fixture and it still looks good with the things that haven't sold out around it). Or I'm still trying to justify taking a full-time management position with benefits at a retail store, over a part-time receptionist job at a law office.


The terms WIP (work in progress) and UFO (unfinished object) are both used commonly in the yarncrafty world. I've used both in blogging my projects. So what's the difference? To my mind, a UFO is that poor sad afghan in the back of the closet because I've grown bored, don't have the time, or for whatever reason am not gonna finish it anytime soon. A WIP, however, is something I'm actively working on. So with that in mind, a quick WIP roundup!

FO: Kimono Sweater!

I finished my first knit project!

Granted, it's not a particularly polished piece of work, but it should hold up to a toddler until she grows out of it (oh, three months or so, lol) and it's still pretty darn good for a first project. Here it is from the front:

I ended up reversing the side it ties on from the way the pattern said, because I have issues with right and left. Doesn't matter. Still looks good. :)

The tie attached to the part that goes inside goes through a hole and around the back.

WIP: Kimono Sweater - Knit!

One of the things I've wanted to do for a long time is learn to knit. There are a lot of things in knit that can be duplicated or approximated in crochet, but they generally end up taking up a lot more yarn, plus the time to convert the pattern. I've gotten adept at it, but sometimes it's worth it to learn a new skill.

Several years ago (hmm, maybe in high school? Okay, a decade ago) I tried teaching myself to knit. I used a variegated worsted weight yarn and some tiny needles... in retrospect, not the best way to learn. I was also trying to learn from books. These days, we have YouTube and Lion Brand Yarn tutorials, and this time I was smart enough to start with larger needles (8mm) and a chunky yarn (Lion Brand Hometown USA in Minneapolis Purple). I practiced knitting, purling, and cabling until I felt like I needed to tackle a project... about 24 hours. LOL.

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